Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully these will answer your questions!

General Questions

I love you guys! How do I donate?

We only take donations at the beginning of each anime season. If donations aren’t up, that means we’re fine, so sit back and enjoy! Turning adblock off also helps too.

When is [show] coming out?

Check this out.

What are batches?

Batches contain multiple episodes of a single anime series. Not only do they save you time, batches guarantee you the “latest and greatest” viewing experience because they contain translation/typo/video fixes. Always download batches if they are available because they have fewer errors.

May I translate your subs to [insert language here]?


Could you send me your subtitle files?

If you can extract the subtitle files from the video, feel free to use it. If you can’t, there’s really nothing much we can do about it due to technical difficulties. You can always type it out, however.

Why is [show] censored?

We have to comply with many regional laws. If you’re really feeling horny, go watch porn instead.

Will you guys be subbing [show] this season?

Depends. Our plans are usually set in place. If it’s not being released, then that means we don’t have the capacity to do that show. Sorry!

Will you guys be subbing [Movie/OVA/Special]?

Unfortunately, we rarely sub any of those. You can most likely take a no for the answer. There are exceptions, but don’t bank on it.

Why is there 1080p for some shows and only 720p for others?

We try our best to get the best resolution for each show, but sometimes we can only do so much. If you just fullscreen your 720p file, you won’t be missing much.

I have a great anime site! Are you interested in a partnership?

Most likely not, but feel free to email us.

Playback Questions

How do I play your files?

Download KCP. Alternatively, if you want to maximize your experience, read this.

IRC/XDCC Questions

What is XDCC?

It’s a way to download files through IRC. If torrents are slow for you, XDCC might be a lot faster.

How do I IRC? How do I XDCC?

Read this.

But XDCC is slow for me! What should I do?

In #HorribleSubs, there are a lot of different bots from which you can download from. The bots are labeled with a location. Download from a bot that has a location closest to you. If that’s still slow, try a few other different bots.

Can you unban me from #HorribleSubs?

Feel free to PM KunGao for an unban. Remember to explain your case.

How do I download multiple files from XDCC?

Read this.

Disqus Questions

Can you unban me from Disqus?

You would want to read this on how to get unbanned.

Why are there so many low quality posts?

Well, this is an anime site…