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As you might’ve noticed, there are now J-List ads on the site. That’s because we’ve entered into a partnership with J-List. We used to run some old school display ads on the site, but they loaded slowly and showed annoying video/sound ads from time to time. We hated running them because they made your experience on HS worse. While J-List will technically be a downgrade in pay, we really value the fact that we can control what type of ads we serve to deliver a better experience for you guys (static images, no flashing/moving ads, malware-free, and hopefully relevant to you guys). We believe this is a good compromise.

If you see interesting products on J-List through the ads, do check them out (use the code: HORRIBLEJLIST for $5 off if you want to buy something). If you find the ads annoying, feel free to manually block them. We won’t feel offended :)

Finally, we’ve also tried our best to remove the glaringly obvious NSFW ads. Feel free to email us if you see anything that’s questionable. Cheers.

Fall 2015 + New server donation drive

I feel like at the beginning of every season, we are all so hopeful… hopeful for shows that are worthy to invest our time into. Last season destroyed any hopes I had initially. There just wasn’t anything spectacular. However, a new season brings a new feeling of hope. I’m much more excited this time around. Perhaps it’s because there are a lot of pink haired princesses… Or perhaps it’s because Mari Okada is writing the new Gundam…

Anyway, let’s talk business first. Since it’s a new season, we’re holding another donation drive. The target amount I’m aiming for is higher than usual since we just upgraded our main servers. The storage has also quadrupled to 24TB RAID6, which should last a while (we add about 100~150GB of files each week!). It would help us a lot if you could donate to help HorribleSubs expand and keep running. If you’re not interested in donating for whatever reason, just sit back and enjoy the anime… which then brings me to this season’s recommendations. Thanks for the donations this season!

  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Mari Okada (I loved NagiAsu) writing Gundam? Fuck yes, sign me up. If all goes as expected, this will be a crazy entertaining Gundam series. At the worst case, it’ll be your typical Gundam series. Win/win situation, no?
  • One Punch Man – Seems like everyone’s hyped about this. I can’t say I know why, but reading the synopsis makes it sound like an extremely fun parody show.
  • Utawarerumono – Based on episode 1, it seems like this could be the sleeper hit of the season. The original series came out in ’06, but you don’t need to watch the original to watch this. Though it’s definitely great if you’re a fan of the original.
  • Beautiful Bones / Subete ga F ni Naru – This season seems very heavy on mystery shows. If done well, mystery shows are very exciting to watch. I have high hopes for these two.
  • Comet Lucifer – I’m a huge sucker for anime originals because the chances are they will have a real “ending” unlike your typical manga/VN adaptations. Not to mention the synopsis and visuals look very promising.
  • Gakusen Toshi Asterisk – I didn’t think I’d be recommending this show until I watched the first episode. The artstyle, the animation, the plot, and the characters seemed to work well together and made it seem very interesting. Not to mention the main princess is pink haired, which definitely helped it score higher in my books.
  • Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry – This show is trash. It just seems like a worse version of Asterisk. However, I have a thing for pink-haired princesses and Stella is kinda cute, so…
  • Valkyrie Drive – This sounds so retarded that I’m inclined to recommend it. Just a reminder that there are lots of desperate animators out there making stuff like this in hopes that someone will consume it :(

With that said, this season really doesn’t look bad at all. There might be other great shows that’s not listed above. Seriously, try everything for an episode if you have the time to do so.

Thanks a lot for reading and enjoy!

Summer 2015 + Donation Drive

As per tradition, here’s the recommendation post for Summer 2015. This season is… interesting(ly boring). I’ve been pretty busy lately so I haven’t paid much attention to the shows, but there are a few that do catch my eye:

  • God Eater – My hunch tells me that God Eater will carry this season simply because it’s being produced by ufotable (the guys who made Fate such a pleasure to watch).
  • Gangsta – This seems pretty fun simply because it’s about da hood, and, you know, gangsters or something.
  • Charlotte – Jun Maeda + PA Works. Even if it does turn out bad, we’ll be in for a good ride. Though, given the track record of the people involved, I highly doubt it will turn out bad.
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime – A Japanese twist on Snow White? Or something? I’ve heard good things about people liking this shoujo series a lot.
  • Chaos Dragon – I think I heard Urobuchi and Nasu and Ryougo Narita are all involved somehow? That’s enough to pique my interest.

Of course, there’s your generic moeshit like Non Non Biyori, Hetalia, etc. There’s also your generic ecchi shit like To LOVE-Ru and Prison School for you horny people who like those things.

Donations are also open for this season. Once again, if you a few bucks to spare, consider donating to us to fund our operation. If you don’t, sit back and enjoy the animes.
Thanks, all done now!

P.S. Funimation videos should have their colors fixed. Update your playback if you’re still seeing weird colors.

On taste

Lately, I’ve been noticing more and more anime fans being overly obsessive with their taste in anime. There are people who get shunned for liking and enjoying a show that the internet hivemind thinks is bad — to the point where they’re immediately dismissed from any sort of anime discussion because they enjoy a particular show (like Naruto/SAO/etc). What’s more concerning is that there are people who put on a facade and “stop” liking shows that they actually liked to maintain an image of being an anime connoisseur. It’s ridiculous.

I’ll still say this even though it’s cliche because it seems like a lot of you don’t understand it: Having “shit taste” doesn’t mean anything. Different people enjoy different things. Sometimes, you might even enjoy a show that the hivemind thinks is bad. For example, I enjoyed SAO and I also acknowledge the criticisms against it. It’s perfectly fine for me to like it even though I might be branded as “having shit taste”. Yes, that means it’s okay to enjoy Naruto. Or Bleach. Or SAO. Liking those shows doesn’t mean you’re retarded or you were born with some sort of defect. It just means that someone disagrees with you, so it’s okay to like those shows. Don’t let anyone else convince you otherwise.

The connection between you and whatever you’re watching belongs only to you. Don’t let others influence it so easily. Remember that the vast majority of animes are targeted toward the lowest of the low in Japan. Remember that animes are pretty much Japanese cartoons. Think about it. It’s really quite silly to be an anime connoisseur.

Happy anime watching.

Spring 2015, aka S2 the season + Donation Drive

Hello all! It seems like we’re done with Winter 2015 and we’re at Spring 2015. I hate to say it, but last season was pretty mediocre. Even Aldnoah.Zero turned to shit towards the end (my opinion, but it should resonate with those who watched the show). Last season was pretty much hard carried by Shigatsu, but that wasn’t even a Winter 2015 show. Hopefully this season’s better!

Stuff I’m on the look out for:

  1. FSN UBW – Not really much that needs to be said. If you were watching part 1, I do hope you’re watching part 2.
  2. Oregairu S2 – AKA Teenage SNAFU something something. I really enjoyed the first season for the character interactions and development. If you haven’t seen it, go download it and enjoy the ride for S2 with the rest of us!
  3. Shokugeki no Soma – Really fun shounen manga. Hopefully the adaptation lives up to the hype! But IDK… JC Staff?
  4. Seraph of the End – I’m a huge fan of Twilight and this show is about vampires… I think.
  5. Plastic Memories – If a show is an anime-original, I will recommend it 9/10 times. Adaptations are generally not very fulfilling to watch. Regardless, the premise sounds pretty interesting (tears will happen, I promise). Sci-fi gives it another plus!
  6. Keikai Sensen – Same reason as Seraph.
  7. Hibike! Euphonium – KyoAni, KyoAni, KyoAni. Cute girls doing music related things by KyoAni. Sounds really familiar and the last time they did something like this, it was amazing.
  8. Digimon Adventures Tri – Will this even air? If it does, it’ll probably be top contender for AOTS. Them childhood memories, man. Also, will they retcon the dumbass NTR ending that made no sense whatsoever?
  9. Nisekoi – Just kidding. Why would you watch nothing happens the manga adapted into another season of anime?

There might be other good shows this season, so check out other stuff as well. Just remember, this is based off my strictly superior taste.

Oh, and donations are open again so we can fund our operation until next season! Please donate if you can! If you have nothing to spare, just sit back and enjoy this season. Hopes are always high at the beginning of each season (lol Winter 2015).