Valentine (?) Giveaway for You Lonely People

Our friends at J-List are doing another giveaway. This time it’s some pretty interesting pikachu goods (see banner). You can get a signed Pikachu plushie by the VA of Ash or a Pikachu bikini to give to your loved one for Valentine’s day. Loved one. You guys. Get it? I think I’m beating a dead horse here.

Check it out here. Oh, and they’re also having a Valentine’s sale for stuff you can pleasure yourself with. How very thoughtful!

Massive Christmas giveaway! Greatest ever! Very great!

Maybe our friends at J-List won the lottery or something since it seems like they’re incredibly generous lately. Well, I guess Christmas is happening soon. Click here to enter the vanilla giveaway. They’re giving out stuff to many winners this time. 1x $200 figure and 2x $100 figures are among many more prizes.

With $200, you can get: Sakurajima Mai (best girl this season btw), Jeanne, Mash, or Asuna.

Oh, that’s not all. There’s also an adult version of the giveaway: click here to enter the 18+ giveaway. Make sure you’re actually 18+ or else I can get into trouble.

J-List $200 Pre Xmas Figure Giveaway

Well, it seems like our friends at J-List came to realize that weebs like you all really like free figures. This time, they’re giving out another $200 figure to the winner. The giveaway rules are as usual. Do a bunch of easy tasks to enter and pray to whatever God you subscribe to. Click here to enter the giveaway.

What can you get for $200? To name a few: Zero Two, Jeanne, Mash, or Asuna. 😊😊😊😊