AKB0048 – 01

Hello, fellow sheepling.

We highly recommend you to download the first anime HorribleSubs has ever subbed: AKB0048. This show is pretty fucking awesome. It has singing and robots and CGI idols, which is pretty fucking awesome. It’s on par with Naruto and Bleach, so enjoy it. Also, this release is 10bit, meaning you have to upgrade your codecs to be able to watch it. Head over to http://www.cccp-project.net/ and install it to support 10bit video!

Also, please join us in our IRC anime channel FOR FASTER DOWNLOADS: #[email protected] !

P.S. If a release is definitely missed, e-mail [email protected] to bug us. E-mail us for any concerns/feedback as well. I don’t stare at this site every day; only when I have time to do so.

Added ReCAPTCHA + Need Donations

Jesus, I can’t leave you guys alone and hope you don’t shit up my glorious site. I added a captcha system in order to minimize spam. I know Justin Bieber is great, but don’t shit up my site with him.

The other thing is please donate so that I can continue paying for the server (if you haven’t realized, releases have been A LOT faster and steadier. The donate button is on the right of the sidebar. Thank you.

P.S. If a release is definitely missed, e-mail [email protected] to bug us. E-mail us for any concerns/feedback as well. I don’t stare at this site every day; only when I have time to do so.

Glorious Leader

Edit: Thanks for the donations! I’ve gotten enough to cover for 2 months. I’ll add a donation meter as some of you suggested once I’m free. Thanks, once again!

NEW: Join us in our new IRC channel: #[email protected]! There will be XDCC bots and discussion of your favorite animes!

Happy Valentine’s Days

Happy Valentine’s Virgin’s Day, fellow sheep.

Also, stop shitting up my blessings by arguing about cartoons. If you enjoy Naruto or One piece, that’s great for you. Why bother arguing? Come on now. Don’t be stupid obviously One Piece is the best.


Oh, one last thing. I will implement DDLs once again very soon.

Comment of the week:

Allright folks let’s do some math here:
Bleach Sales = 4,187,258
Naruto Sales = 6,874,840

if you will add both of these shits:
4,187,258 + 6,874,840 = 11,062,098

11,062,098? Wow! That’s some huge number!
but wait, what if we multiply this total by 3?
11,062,098 x 3 = 33,186,294

33,186,294? Wow! That’s insanely fuckin huge number!
but wait, how many sales for One Piece?

nuff said.

Tracker Issues & Filehost

Hi, for all of you who has had tracker problems, just simply delete the NONEXISTENT tracker, or add a space in between the udp tracker and the NONEXISTENT TRACKER (silly me). I’ve fixed that for future references.

Filehost wise… I want YOU to have fast download speeds (if not, why the fuck should I bother about DDLs anyway?) but I also want a number of other things: large storage space/no need to split files into multiple parts/and of course, the ability to gain a “free premium” account. I want to use BayFiles but they don’t satisfy the last category… Now I’m looking into DepositFiles — tell me the speeds you get from them.

Once again, e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any suggestions in general.

EDIT: MAKE SURE YOUR CLIENT HAS UDP SUPPORT! Download the latest version of uTorrent/Vuze!

Rerelease & Bugfixes

Everything for the past two days (1/25-1/26) have been re-released due to a discovered bug. Also, explorer.exe should stop crashing now after updating mkvmerge options. For a long-term fix: uninstall your shitty DIVX codec and install CCCP. Remember, e-mail me at [email protected] or post here if you experience corruption in your release!

Also, as you’ve seen, the site has been restructured a little. The old anime release page needs updating and release schedule is posted. Donation button will be added soon due to popular request. Oh, we removed Fileserve DDL support until we find a better alternative. Any suggestions?

1/30/12 EDIT: Thank you for your list of FileHosts, but since we upload a few hundred gigabytes of files a month, we want a filehost that is FAST for free users and WILL NOT cost us money as most filehosts have under 100gb of storage (because of the affiliate plan, fileserve’s premium accounts were free). Keep the recommendations coming.

1080p Support & Fileserve UPDATE

1080p support added. Rewrote the entire HorribleSubs engine. Everything should be better now. Bear with us if the system is a bit buggy.

Also, we’re assuming most of you know about what happened to Megaupload. Fileserve has decided to pull its affiliate program because of that, so our source of income is gone. We’re probably going to add some advertisements since asking you faggots to donate to us is a waste of fucking time. Seriously, Fuck you.

EDIT: If any of your downloads are truly corrupted (meaning an error on our part), please report the episode number by EMAILING US so we can fix our engine for future reference.

EDIT 2: To those who are wishing to donate: thank you. The previous donation drive was held because it was a one time thing. I don’t think we can survive on donations monthly (we’d feel bad and we doubt people are going to donate monthly on a strict schedule) as we need money to pay for our servers monthly. No, we won’t use your servers for security reasons, but thanks for the offer. We need a way to provide income for the servers, in a non-intrusive way — any suggestions, large gifts and or money? (Not Adsense, etc) E-mail me at [email protected]

Donations and Server Costs

Thank you to those who donated. It will help us move to a better location and have faster/more stable release. For those who wonder, it was not a great amount of money. And for the faggots who think running this service does not cost any money, you are wrong. We have paid around 7000$ out of our own pockets to do this. You should be grateful to us, your deities. Also, a donation does not mean you are forced to pay. Fuck you.
EDIT: 7000$ isn’t for webhost. Don’t be stupid. There has to be a powerful server ripping the episodes and uploading them, which is what the money is for.

Why did we move?

As you can see, the old website URL has been taken over by some idiot. Originally, when we first came into existence, some idiot offered us a domain and we took it. We thought he’d have good intentions, but he was trying to juke us into embedding shitty porn ads so he could make money. It was a bad decision on our part, and we’re trying to fix it. Remember, we’ve moved to horriblesubs.info. Spread the word.