Latest Nyaa Update + RSS Availability

We haven’t heard anything from NyaaTorrents, so I think we can say with 90% 100% certainty that it’s gone for good given that the domains are slated for deletion. Honestly speaking, I’m really sad. We started around the same time as NyaaTorrents and watched it grow up. The last time I talked to the owner a few months ago, he told us we would hit 1 billion+ downloads really soon. I guess we’ll never find out :(

However, some seemingly capable people have reached out to me and said they’re looking to build a full NT replacement. We will wait for that, which is hopefully soon. We don’t think there are any competent public anime-oriented trackers out there right now, so we will be holding off from using one. Meanwhile, you can grab our releases from this site and/or XDCC through using magnet links. We have also whipped up an RSS feed for you guys so you can subscribe to our releases. You can find it in the top navigation bar.

Fuck. I’m really sad.

Spread the word: Nyaa is down, use magnet links

So as you might’ve noticed, the torrent links are missing/aren’t working. That’s a result of NyaaTorrents going offline. We hope they’ll be back soon, but we’re not 100% sure if they will be back.

Please just use XDCC/Magnet links for now. Spread the news that you can still grab the latest anime from our site. Thanks!

Update: we’ll be working on an RSS feed and hopefully have it out soon.

Happy (Late) New Year!

Happy belated new year! Or I guess I’m sort of on time for Chinese New Year… Apologies for the delay on this post. I’ve been busy with real life and some projects including making releases be more on time. Hopefully the improved timeliness improves everyone’s horrible experience (haha). Oh, and regarding batches, we know we’ve stalled them for a few months, but that was intended for consistency reasons. We should be getting back on track soon.

While last season was pretty decent, this season looks like it’s going to get carried by sequels. The new stuff looks pretty mediocre overall:

  • Hibike Euphonium – Okay, this was last season, but if you haven’t seen it, go watch it. This show is the embodiment of everything beautiful about youth.
  • Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu S2 – The first season was a sleeper hit. Ep 0 of the first season is a little slow, but it becomes a really good drama show afterward. Everyone I’ve heard talk about it had nothing but praise for the show.
  • Kuzu no Honkai – Lewd seinen noitamina show. It actually is kind of interesting.
  • KonoSuba S2 – I actually just watched S1 recently and it was fucking hilarious. I forgot that anime can actually be so originally funny. I’m sure S2 will continue delivering much laughs.
  • Ao no Exorcist S2 – It’s back! This probably gets extra points if you’re a girl.
  • Little Witch Academia – While we’re not subbing this (sorry!), it would be rude of me to not bring this to your attention. The original OVA and the subsequent film was a lot of fun. Not to mention it’s done by Studio Trigger.
  • Youjo Senki – Evil loli plotting evil army stuff.
  • Masamune-kun no Revenge – Cliche premise but it should be pretty fun.

Once again, new season/new year = donation drive to help fund our operations and server costs (storing and distributing so much anime gets pretty costly!). We’ve switched to a new donation system using Bitcoins for security sake. You can read more about it on the donation page. If you have a few bucks to spare, do consider donating. Especially since we’ve switched to J-List, we’ve taken a hit on our operating budget to provide a better experience. Oh, and thank you to those who donated last season! We really enjoyed reading your messages.

Enjoy the new season (at least try to) but do watch Hibike Euphonium.

Fall Season + Donation Drive

Fall is my favorite season. I love the cooler weather and foliage. Regardless, I’m still kinda sad that Re:Zero ended… Gonna cross my fingers really hard for a S2. Anyway, in regards to batches, we’ll be working on them ASAP since we were blocked doing them, so don’t worry.

Moving forward, last season was kinda crap, and this season doesn’t look too hot yet (I love being proven wrong). Here’s what’s to look out for:

  • Hibike Euphonium S2 – Alongside NagiAsu, Hibike S1 was one of what I believe to be a really good show in the recent years. Usually single cour animes feel extremely rushed or typically leave you unsatisfied, but that’s not Hibike Euphonium. If you haven’t seen S1, you need to watch it.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam IBO S2 – It’s time for some more real GUNDAM.
  • 3-gatsu no Lion – The manga source material is critically acclaimed. I’m kind of excited to see how Shaft adapts this.
  • Shuumatsu no Izetta – One of those shows with a very interesting sounding setting; however, the PV animation looked kinda iffy… What if it turned out to be like Orange?
  • Brave Witches – I remember Strike Witches. Do you?
  • Fune wo Amu – I’ve recently finished Shirobako (I know, I know), and I guess I’m a big fan of non-high school anime as they’re pretty unique and rare.
  • Nanbaka – The promo art looks colorful (lol)
  • Occult;Nine – Going to give this a try since it’s done by the creator of Steins;Gate

Also, as usual, new season = donation drive to help fund our operations and server costs. We’ve switched to a new donation system (as you will see). We think this will better help us connect with those who donate to us. If you have a few bucks to spare, do kindly consider donating. Especially since we’ve switched to J-List, we’ve taken a hit on our operating budget. We probably need your help more than ever. Thanks!

Enjoy the new season. I can’t wait for Hibike and IBO.

Ads with J-List

As you might’ve noticed, there are now J-List ads on the site. That’s because we’ve entered into a partnership with J-List. We used to run some old school display ads on the site, but they loaded slowly and showed annoying video/sound ads from time to time. We hated running them because they made your experience on HS worse. While J-List will technically be a downgrade in pay, we really value the fact that we can control what type of ads we serve to deliver a better experience for you guys (static images, no flashing/moving ads, malware-free, and hopefully relevant to you guys). We believe this is a good compromise.

If you see interesting products on J-List through the ads, do check them out (use the code: HORRIBLEJLIST for $5 off if you want to buy something). If you find the ads annoying, feel free to manually block them. We won’t feel offended :)

Finally, we’ve also tried our best to remove the glaringly obvious NSFW ads. Feel free to email us if you see anything that’s questionable. Cheers.

Summer 2016 – I hope I won’t get disappointed

Looking back to my recommendations last season, I think I was kind of on point in terms of what was definitely worth checking out (Well, except for Re:Zero, which turned out to be one of the better shows last season). However, I do apologize for suggesting the abomination that was Kabaneri. I believed, but it turned into another generic one-dimensional story (god dammit why did they have to introduce Biba) with animation that got progressively worse each episode. I’m sorry.

Moving forward, here’s what’s to look out for:

  • Love Live! Sunshine!! – I’m hugely biased towards Love Live. I even went to Japan for the sake of watching the movie. Let’s hope they deliver more catchy yet generic anime idol songs so I can sing along to. If you haven’t watched the first series with µ’s, do it already.
  • Shokugeki no Soma S2 – You should also start reading the manga too.
  • Orange – A shoujo series with time manipulation (is this the right term?) as the main theme. This one was strongly recommended to me. I’m also a huge sucker for shows that use time as a motif well (think Madoka, Re:Zero, NagiAsu).
  • Amanchu! – Flying Witch was great last season. This will be another show with a similar vibe since it’s done by the person who wrote Aria.
  • Rewrite – The great visual novel that Romeo didn’t really write but a lot of people still think he did. Because of that, we should watch it.
  • Berserk – It’s Berserk. What else needs to be said? Oh, right! CGI!
  • DAYS – GREAT SPORTS MANGA TURNED INTO ANIME. Will this become the next Haikyuu? Actually, I don’t know.
  • 91 Days – This might be 91 times better than DAYS (seriously though, read the synopsis for this).
  • ReLIFE – Another show with time as the main theme! Except this time it’s about some kinda old guy going back to high school to hit on high school girls. Sounds kinda creepy and Japanese and exciting. The full series is already out.

Also, new season = donation drive to help fund our operations and server costs. For example, thanks to your donations, we were able to purchase the necessary equipment to release Kabaneri last season (even though I’m bitter about the show, I’m glad we were able to share that bitterness together). Your donations allow us to deliver subbed anime on time every week to a lot of people! If you enjoy what we do, please do contribute! Thanks!

Thanks once again and enjoy the new season. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Spring 2016 – Warmin’ up (for another donation drive)

Donations are now closed.Thanks again! We definitely needed the donations for new hardware to ensure we can deliver as many shows as possible.

Winter 2016 has ended and it seems like a lot of long running shows like Ace of Diamond, Fairy Tail, World Trigger, and even Gintama have departed. It’s pretty unfortunate.

Despite that, I really liked the previous season. I enjoyed Grimgar, Gundam IBO, and Bokumachi (or Erased if you don’t want other people to know you steal anime) from start to end as they captivated me. It’s to note that if I don’t care to watch the next episode, I just don’t and drop the show. Those 3 shows grasped my interest from beginning until end and I’m very happy about that. Hopefully this season will have some of these shows. With that said, this is what I’m looking out for this season:

  • Macross Delta – Macross Frontier, the previous Macross series, left a legacy that fucked with many people (Ranka vs Sheryl). Will Delta continue this legacy? Episode 1 was a lot of fun. Also, our friends at gg will be subbing this.
  • Boku no Hero Academia – Your new Shonen show of the block. I’m sure you’ve heard of this and I’m sure we’re all suckers for stories with main characters that set out to prove themselves.
  • Kiznaiver – Trigger anime original with a rather unique premise exploring world peace. This sounds like a potential winner if done well.
  • Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – The retro art of this plus it being steampunk makes it worth checking out. Oh, did I mention it was Noitamina?
  • Kuromukuro – Well, PA works has cycles of ups and downs and their last 2 shows were average at best (at least it wasn’t Glasslip!). My gambler’s fallacy tells me it’s time for them to make something good.
  • Mayoiga – This is one of those shows where the premise sounds like it can be pretty interesting. Also, it’s an anime original.
  • Flying Witch – It’s been a while since we had an iyasare/healing show. Perfect show to watch while cuddling with your boyfriend.
  • Sakamoto desu ga? – The manga is a work of comedy art. Let’s see if they can translate that into anime form.
  • 12-sai – Chiccha na Mune no Tokimeki – We’ve all wondered what it’s like to be a 12 year old girl. Hopefully this show will let us experience that!
  • I encourage you to check out everything that’s airing this season and give them a shot. Nobody would’ve guessed Konosuba last season would be that good!

Since it’s also a new season, I’m opening up the donation drive so we can fund our servers and operations. If you enjoy what we do and have money to spare, feel free to contribute it to us. If not, sit back and enjoy!

Winter 2016 – Happy New Year! (+Donation Drive)

Happy New Year! 2015 has been a great year for HS. We’ve made many improvements to make the experience better for you guys. To list some: we upgraded our main servers, added new servers for file distribution, and introduced the show page and batches for your convenience. This was partially made possible by your support.

However, we also need your continued support to maintain these features. In other words, a new season means another donation drive. Your donations will fund us for another season, as it always did. If you don’t want to donate, that’s perfectly fine too. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show(s). Thanks!

With that said, recs for this season (btw, recs mean something I would bother trying):

  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Mari Okada As I had hoped, a Mari Okada gundam is amazing. Download this now if you haven’t started it.
  • Active Raid – What will the guy who brought us Code Geass bring up this time around?
  • Boku Dake ga Inai Machi – Mystery shows are hard to fuck up. The last noitaminA mystery show was pretty good.
  • Schwarzesmarken – Japan has a German fetish, and I like that. Throw in some mecha and we got a show that is worth trying out.
  • Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu – I heard great things about the episode 1 of this.
  • Nijiiro Days – I also like shows with multiple boys in them like Free!. This looks good to me. Mmmmmm…
  • Hai to Gensou no Grimgar – Ah, yes, our seasonal SAO clone. However, it seems like there won’t be a Kirito in this show. I guess it’s time to mix things up a little.
  • Dimension W – The premise of this sounds pretty interesting. Could be good.
  • Musaigen no Phantom World – After watching episode 1, I don’t think KyoAni found its way for this show. However, if you want nicely animated breast physics, I guess this is your show this season.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, last season’s (FA2015) batches will be out early February once we get past our workload spike at the beginning of the season. Enjoy! This season could look promising (damn, I keep telling myself this…).