J-LIST AX giveaway and site redesign

To get things out of the way, our sponsor J-LIST is doing another giveaway. To celebrate their 20+ years of AX attendance, they’re giving out some cool prizes like Eva figurines, doujinshi by Yom, tapestries, and snack boxes they’re famous for. Do check them out: link!

You’ve probably noticed the site has been redesigned in the past week and have varying opinions. I get it – change is difficult. Here’s what’s improved:

  • Site fully supports https and is more secure now.
  • Site is much more mobile friendly.
  • Comments are allowed in each show page to facilitate more anime-related discussion. The front page single disqus wasn’t very friendly for that.
  • Site should hopefully be more stable now. The previous inline refresh button didn’t help stability during peak times.

Finally, yes, it takes an extra click to download something now. I’ll be honest. This is done mainly to improve revenue and SEO. Again, as you’ve probably noticed, release filesizes have 2x-3x’d in the past few weeks. Videos are much higher quality than before, but that also means our storage and bandwidth usage have also spiked. We want to continue delivering anime to you guys in a timely manner but also want HS to be self-sustaining. We don’t want to take donations unless we have to (the last time we did a donation drive was a long while ago). Hopefully you guys understand. (P.S. checking out the J-LIST giveaways do help the site!)