Nyaa.si – our new home for our torrents

As you might’ve noticed, the torrent links are working again for newer stuff. We’ll be using nyaa.si as our official replacement. You can find our page here. They seem to have recovered a lot of the torrents from nyaa.se, which is excellent if you want to find older stuff. It also seems like it’s being actively worked on. We’ll be reaching out to them to get our older torrents restored.

Why not the other ones? I have my concerns about the longevity, stability, and leadership of other alternatives like pantsu and anidex. As a few of my peers have warned me, racism seems to also be a concern (though I have no idea how racism is linked to an anime tracker) and we’d like to distance ourselves away from such drama.

Latest Nyaa Update + RSS Availability

We haven’t heard anything from NyaaTorrents, so I think we can say with 90% 100% certainty that it’s gone for good given that the domains are slated for deletion. Honestly speaking, I’m really sad. We started around the same time as NyaaTorrents and watched it grow up. The last time I talked to the owner a few months ago, he told us we would hit 1 billion+ downloads really soon. I guess we’ll never find out :(

However, some seemingly capable people have reached out to me and said they’re looking to build a full NT replacement. We will wait for that, which is hopefully soon. We don’t think there are any competent public anime-oriented trackers out there right now, so we will be holding off from using one. Meanwhile, you can grab our releases from this site and/or XDCC through using magnet links. We have also whipped up an RSS feed for you guys so you can subscribe to our releases. You can find it in the top navigation bar.

Fuck. I’m really sad.

Spread the word: Nyaa is down, use magnet links

So as you might’ve noticed, the torrent links are missing/aren’t working. That’s a result of NyaaTorrents going offline. We hope they’ll be back soon, but we’re not 100% sure if they will be back.

Please just use XDCC/Magnet links for now. Spread the news that you can still grab the latest anime from our site. Thanks!

Update: we’ll be working on an RSS feed and hopefully have it out soon.