Summer 2016 – I hope I won’t get disappointed

Looking back to my recommendations last season, I think I was kind of on point in terms of what was definitely worth checking out (Well, except for Re:Zero, which turned out to be one of the better shows last season). However, I do apologize for suggesting the abomination that was Kabaneri. I believed, but it turned into another generic one-dimensional story (god dammit why did they have to introduce Biba) with animation that got progressively worse each episode. I’m sorry.

Moving forward, here’s what’s to look out for:

  • Love Live! Sunshine!! – I’m hugely biased towards Love Live. I even went to Japan for the sake of watching the movie. Let’s hope they deliver more catchy yet generic anime idol songs so I can sing along to. If you haven’t watched the first series with µ’s, do it already.
  • Shokugeki no Soma S2 – You should also start reading the manga too.
  • Orange – A shoujo series with time manipulation (is this the right term?) as the main theme. This one was strongly recommended to me. I’m also a huge sucker for shows that use time as a motif well (think Madoka, Re:Zero, NagiAsu).
  • Amanchu! – Flying Witch was great last season. This will be another show with a similar vibe since it’s done by the person who wrote Aria.
  • Rewrite – The great visual novel that Romeo didn’t really write but a lot of people still think he did. Because of that, we should watch it.
  • Berserk – It’s Berserk. What else needs to be said? Oh, right! CGI!
  • DAYS – GREAT SPORTS MANGA TURNED INTO ANIME. Will this become the next Haikyuu? Actually, I don’t know.
  • 91 Days – This might be 91 times better than DAYS (seriously though, read the synopsis for this).
  • ReLIFE – Another show with time as the main theme! Except this time it’s about some kinda old guy going back to high school to hit on high school girls. Sounds kinda creepy and Japanese and exciting. The full series is already out.

Also, new season = donation drive to help fund our operations and server costs. For example, thanks to your donations, we were able to purchase the necessary equipment to release Kabaneri last season (even though I’m bitter about the show, I’m glad we were able to share that bitterness together). Your donations allow us to deliver subbed anime on time every week to a lot of people! If you enjoy what we do, please do contribute! Thanks!

Thanks once again and enjoy the new season. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.