Summer 2015 + Donation Drive

As per tradition, here’s the recommendation post for Summer 2015. This season is… interesting(ly boring). I’ve been pretty busy lately so I haven’t paid much attention to the shows, but there are a few that do catch my eye:

  • God Eater – My hunch tells me that God Eater will carry this season simply because it’s being produced by ufotable (the guys who made Fate such a pleasure to watch).
  • Gangsta – This seems pretty fun simply because it’s about da hood, and, you know, gangsters or something.
  • Charlotte – Jun Maeda + PA Works. Even if it does turn out bad, we’ll be in for a good ride. Though, given the track record of the people involved, I highly doubt it will turn out bad.
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime – A Japanese twist on Snow White? Or something? I’ve heard good things about people liking this shoujo series a lot.
  • Chaos Dragon – I think I heard Urobuchi and Nasu and Ryougo Narita are all involved somehow? That’s enough to pique my interest.

Of course, there’s your generic moeshit like Non Non Biyori, Hetalia, etc. There’s also your generic ecchi shit like To LOVE-Ru and Prison School for you horny people who like those things.

Donations are also open for this season. Once again, if you a few bucks to spare, consider donating to us to fund our operation. If you don’t, sit back and enjoy the animes.
Thanks, all done now!

P.S. Funimation videos should have their colors fixed. Update your playback if you’re still seeing weird colors.