HS-Scans – Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso 18

Waiting sucks. Hearing that the current scanlation group for this series has chapters 18-30 translated but stuck in the pipeline makes us really sad. How are so many scanlators so slow and so incompetent?

This is our first time scanlating manga. We’re only doing this to spread our love for the work, just like how we fansub 50 series a week. It took the two of us no more than a few hours to get this done from translation to release. However, I dare say our translations are top-notch, unlike a lot of the absolute horseshit we’ve all read (not for this series, but in general). Scanlating is easy, unlike subtitling anime. Come on.

We found a few people. If you’re interested, feel free to shoot an email so we can msg you if we need more help. Join/idle on the IRC community!

The release post is here. Enjoy.

The HorribleSubs Fansubbing + Scanalation Team

Edit: Apologies for the typos. We’ll get better :^)