Summer Updates (Part 2)

Continuing off the last update:

  • The schedule page is updated for good. From now on, it’ll automatically update and sync itself with the schedule the ripper engine uses.
  • A “Today’s Releases” widget is added to the side – it’ll display information about what will be released each day.

Anime to look out for:

It seems like this season is pretty horrendous in terms of watchable things, with the majority of shows being “moe” crap.

  1. Free! – Fucking masterpiece.
  2. Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji) – “Deep” slice of life by the author of Fullmetal Alchemist, Arakawa-sensei.
  3. Gatchaman Crowds – Someone told me this will be good.
  4. Servant x Service – Take the concept of Working! and apply it to working in the public sector.
  5. Uchouten Kazoku – Hipster anime, but it should be good.


We might be running another donation drive, depending on how our finances go.

Meanwhile, if you have money to throw at someone, throw it at Trigger’s LWA2 Kickstarter. Show them us western fans do want to give our money to the original creators.

If you haven’t watched Little Witch Academia, please do so — you can watch it in HD on YouTube, uploaded by the creators themselves. In an ideal world, all anime should be like LWA: interesting premise, fantastic animation, likeable characters, and without fanservice.

Best regards,
HorribleSubs’ Great Leader