Improved Distribution

Thanks to your donations, we were able to afford 4 new servers to do distribution. Let me brief you through some changes.

We now have 2 more gigabit servers to do initial seeding. This brings our total capacity to seed to 300 megabytes/second. Hopefully you will be able avoid torrent congestion and download your animes faster.

Thanks to our new servers, we now have 7 XDCC bots.

CR has been split into CR-ARCHIVE|SD, CR-ARCHIVE|720p, and CR-ARCHIVE|1080p. These bots will hold all releases, but they will be slower than the new bots because they are intended for downloading older files.

NEW bots 
These bots only serve new files from the current season. You should use them to download new releases. Also, these bots are located in different parts of the world, so pick a bot that is located closest to you.

  • CR-CA|NEW – located in Montreal, Canada (East Coast)
  • CR-EU|NEW – located in France
  • CR-US|NEW – located in California (West Coast)
  • CR-FR|NEW – located in France (This will be up later today) (ONLINE)

XDCC Packlists
The files on the bots can now be searched from our XDCC packlist parser. It should be pretty intuitive to use, and it’s also in a pretty pink.

Thank you for donating and making this possible for everyone!