11/25 Updates

A few things to be cleared up:

  • There is no HxH this week. Stop fucking asking about it.
  • We did not forget about K. We just need to fix up our Hulu script in order to bypass some new security measures they’ve implemented for Hulu plus. This actually takes time, effort, and some thought. We’re not here to fucking serve you.
  • Leave a message on the IRC if something is wrong.


Join us on IRC tomorrow for SAO!

New servers are running fine, and hopefully we can deliver timely releases (knock on wood, etc). We’re able to push 100MB/s on them, so you can download even faster and we’ll get an even bigger epenis. Amazing.

Well, anyway, I’d like to invite you to join us on #[email protected] tomorrow to anticipate the next episode of SAO. In addition to using the web widget on the right hand side, here’s a guide to show how you can connect to IRC locally.

Join IRC to talk to other sheeplings like yourselves, and also to enjoy faster download speeds through XDCC (compared to torrents!).