A Few Logistical Issues


In order to make your HorribleSubs experience even more Horrible, I need help with two things:

1) If you’d like to provide an IRC bot for HorribleSubs to increase our XDCC capabilities, please e-mail me or contact one of the operators on IRC.

2) Our CR subscription is running out, if you could kindly donate enough ($59.95) for us to renew our yearly subscription, please do so! Donation link is to the side. Thanks!

Thanks and enjoy the greatest anime of all time!

Sword Art Online – 09

Well, fuck Crunchyroll and their retarded schedule. I wanted to watch League regionals, and I wanted to play GW2, but I ended up doing this shit instead.

I’ll gladly take donations on GW2 for my lost time! Actually, I need white dye so my character can have a Knight of Blood schemed outfit. If you can spare one, please give it to me! Figure out who I am on Twitter or email me at guildeldh[at]free[dot]fr. Thanks.

P.S. I’ll be fixing the website for a bit, so bear with me as I disable the comments.