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Also, to those who can’t fucking use their brains and think: there will be no 480p/1080p of SAO until CR releases it. How can you be so fucking retarded? I don’t understand. The thing sitting on top of your shoulders isn’t just for sucking cocks, you know.

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Sword Art Online 06/07

Since MBS has delayed their airing of SAO 06/07 for a week (there will be a dual episode on the 25th), Crunchyroll has delayed theirs as well on a similar schedule.

However, since I, the Great Leader, feel passionate about this show, I decided to learn Japanese last night in order to sub it. As a result, I passed the JLPT1 this morning. So as CR will be delayed for the next two weeks, we will be subbing it for the next two weeks.

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Edit: The line at 9:20 should be “wasn’t” instead of “was”. Typo happens.