Updates 7/31/2012

8/4/12 Update: Updated Captcha to something more readable as per user requests and upgraded caching plugin, so there won’t be anymore garbage characters.

Thanks to those who donated, operations are back to normal now (knock on wood). In order to thank you for your support, we’ve decided to work hard to bring you some updates.

  1. JumboFiles banned us already. Welp. Just use XDCC for the time being while we figure out what to do.
  2. IRC and XDCC guides are up. Tired of the chat widget and want to fully indulge yourself into the world of IRC? Read up. Remember that XDCC is usually faster than torrents/DDL, so you might want to idle in our channel!
  3. Playback Guide is up.
  4. Schedule is updated.
  5. About Us is updated.
  6. Added list of Packlists in navigation bar. Look up.
  7. Added contact us page.

Also, I’d like to recommend two great anime to watch this season:

  1. Sword Art Online. Great premise and very interesting setting. Main character is unique and hot. Seriously, if you want a girlfriend, aim to be like him. He’s a total fucking badass. I dream about sticking my long hard black cock up his ass every day.
  2. Kokoro Connect. Great mix of drama, interesting characters, and humor. Amazing character designs, if you know what I mean.

Great Leader

P.S. Contact us if you have any problems.

Thank you, once again!

Thank you! We’ve raised enough to cover server costs for at least another two months overnight! Thank you! I’ll be disabling the donation button until we need your help again.

In order to show our gratitude, we’ll be working hard to:

1) Switch over to JumboFiles
2) Add quality of life changes to the website

Thank you all for supporting us!

P.S. I think I fixed the garbage characters problem. Send me an e-mail at guildeldh[at]free[dot]fr if you still have such problems


1) Recently, you probably noticed that some releases have been extra slow (i.e. 1080ps missing, 720ps being late). The story behind that is we switched servers in high hopes of providing faster XDCC downloads for you. However, while we have achieved that goal, our ripping capabilities took a bit hit because the network couldn’t provide a stable enough connection to allow us to rip without hiccups. Our only resolution to this is to continue paying for our old server as we discontinue the new one.

Since this was unexpected, we’ve run dry of our funds. We really need the funds in the next day or two. We hope you cans can donate ASAP for the community! Thank you so much! (The donation meter/button is on the right)

2) Also, we’re going to switch away from FileFactory to JumboFiles because FileFactory has stopped all forms of payments.

3) I think I fixed the garbage characters problem. Send me an e-mail at guildeldh[at]free[dot]fr if you still have such problems

Edit: The donation widget doesn’t work… Right now we have about 70$/230$. Thanks!


Not so long ago, we’ve hit 100m downloads! Yes, 100 million.

Since our incubation, we’ve been through a lot: change of leaderships, codebase rewrites, and site redesigns. We couldn’t have made it without you. Thank you for supporting us all this time!

In other news, please join us and idle in #[email protected] (here’s a guide to how to join IRC). Why join? You have access to XDCC downloads, which are faster than torrents and the DDL links. I’ll write up a guide on how to use HS IRC in a few days.

Once again, thank you.

Great Leader

Summer Schedule

If you play TERA online and you’re in VoT, send me an e-mail! I’m looking for a group of people to play/raid with.

Many of you have been asking us for schedules, etc… I apologize for not updating that. However, we’ve fixed that, so bookmark this page!

Also, it seems like MEGAUPLOAD will be back… Hopefully soon since all other filehosts are terrible.

As usual, e-mail me at guildeldh[at]free[dot]fr if you need to contact me.

P.S. Donate a few bucks if you can for server costs! Thank you!