6/11/2012 Updates

Thank you! We’ve reached our donation goals (I need to add a meter of some sort).

– For some reason I was under the impression Funimation actually had a few simulcasts. It turns out that everything is PRETTY late. (Toriko is like 2 weeks late or something retarded).
– Zetman will be ripped. Fate/Zero can be ripped too, but someone needs to e-mail me where to find the latest episode on Niconico and the time it’s put up. (I can’t find it for some reason)
– It seem that Filefactory isn’t very satisfactory for most of you. Any other DDL recommendations? Mediafire is NOT a choice because of certain limitations.

As usual, e-mail me at guildeldh[at]free[dot]fr if you need to contact me.