Lots of IMPORTANT updates

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to dedicate time to HorribleSubs. I’ve been very busy in real life training to become a NAVY Seal.

Anyway, here’s a list of updates:
New Shows: Starting next week, we’re going to rip EVERYTHING (Toriko/Zetman/etc). We’ve recently finished coding multi-site support.
DDLs: I’m going to stop using BayFiles and I’m going to switch to FileFactory and maybe another site. BayFiles has been very unreliable; we’ll see how FileFactory works out.
Website: I’m going to update the website layout and information to make everything more efficient and accessible. A lot of the things are outdated. Look forward to this.
AKB0048: Head over to EveTaku to get your latest fix. We tried to do one episode and came to the conclusion it wasn’t worth it.

Also, if you can, please donate! We need to pay for servers to have everything up and running. We also need to expand on our storage since we’ve already accumulated nearly 1TB of files.

Yours truly,
HorribleSubs Leader

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