Happy Valentine’s Days

Happy Valentine’s Virgin’s Day, fellow sheep.

Also, stop shitting up my blessings by arguing about cartoons. If you enjoy Naruto or One piece, that’s great for you. Why bother arguing? Come on now. Don’t be stupid obviously One Piece is the best.


Oh, one last thing. I will implement DDLs once again very soon.

Comment of the week:

Allright folks let’s do some math here:
Bleach Sales = 4,187,258
Naruto Sales = 6,874,840

if you will add both of these shits:
4,187,258 + 6,874,840 = 11,062,098

11,062,098? Wow! That’s some huge number!
but wait, what if we multiply this total by 3?
11,062,098 x 3 = 33,186,294

33,186,294? Wow! That’s insanely fuckin huge number!
but wait, how many sales for One Piece?

nuff said.

Tracker Issues & Filehost

Hi, for all of you who has had tracker problems, just simply delete the NONEXISTENT tracker, or add a space in between the udp tracker and the NONEXISTENT TRACKER (silly me). I’ve fixed that for future references.

Filehost wise… I want YOU to have fast download speeds (if not, why the fuck should I bother about DDLs anyway?) but I also want a number of other things: large storage space/no need to split files into multiple parts/and of course, the ability to gain a “free premium” account. I want to use BayFiles but they don’t satisfy the last category… Now I’m looking into DepositFiles — tell me the speeds you get from them.

Once again, e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any suggestions in general.

EDIT: MAKE SURE YOUR CLIENT HAS UDP SUPPORT! Download the latest version of uTorrent/Vuze!