XDCC Guide

1) Assuming you have installed mIRC and have it up and running, open up Tool -> Options

2) Go to DCC -> Ignore and disable it. Remember to disable “Turn ignore back on”

3) Click OK and you’re ready to download.

4) Say, you want to download “Sword Art Online 01 720p”, in #HorribleSubs chat, type either:

@find Sword Art Online 01 720p or !find Sword Art Online 01 720p

5) A lot of text will probably have showed  up. Find a bot you want to download from and type in the command:


where #BOTNAME# corresponds to the name of the bot, and #PACKNUMBER# corresponds to the pack number.

6) For the purpose of an example, we will be using CR-ARCHIVE|720p, one of our official bots. So type in


This will instruct CR-ARCHIVE|720p to send you pack number 123.

7) Alternatively, you can get a nicely formatted list of packs from our XDCC Packlist website.

8) Save the file and enjoy your blazing fast download!

Next, let’s move to some frequently asked questions about XDCC.

If you want to customize your IRC further (change text color/background color/fonts), click here. Remember, feel free to ask us questions in #horriblesubs channel. We’ll be glad to assist you.

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