IRC Guide

  1. Download mIRC (it’s free and has an “infinite” trial).
  2. Install and run it.
  3. Fill in the details. Your Nickname is your displayed name. You don’t need to fill in your real Name or your real E-mail.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Type /server in the main menu, and you will have connected to Rizon.
  6. In the mIRC Favorites box, type #horriblesubs and hit Join.
  7. Congratulations, now you’re in [email protected] chat! However, we’re not done yet.
  8. Register your Nickname. Follow this link to see how it’s done.
  9. In the #HorribleSubs window, go to Favorites -> Add to Favorites.
  10. Tick “Join on connect” and hit OK.
  11. Congratulations for real! Every time you open mIRC, you can click the thunderbolt icon on the top left hand corner and you will be in our channel!
  12. If you can, you should leave your mIRC client on all the time and idle in our channel!
  13. Now, let’s setup your client to enable XDCC downloads. Click here.

Note: If you’re on Linux or OSX, click here.

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