Ads with J-List

As you might’ve noticed, there are now J-List ads on the site. That’s because we’ve entered into a partnership with J-List. We used to run some old school display ads on the site, but they loaded slowly and showed annoying video/sound ads from time to time. We hated running them because they made your experience on HS worse. While J-List will technically be a downgrade in pay, we really value the fact that we can control what type of ads we serve to deliver a better experience for you guys (static images, no flashing/moving ads, malware-free, and hopefully relevant to you guys). We believe this is a good compromise.

If you see interesting products on J-List through the ads, do check them out (use the code: HORRIBLEJLIST for $5 off if you want to buy something). If you find the ads annoying, feel free to manually block them. We won’t feel offended :)

Finally, we’ve also tried our best to remove the glaringly obvious NSFW ads. Feel free to email us if you see anything that’s questionable. Cheers.

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