Tracker Issues & Filehost

Hi, for all of you who has had tracker problems, just simply delete the NONEXISTENT tracker, or add a space in between the udp tracker and the NONEXISTENT TRACKER (silly me). I’ve fixed that for future references.

Filehost wise… I want YOU to have fast download speeds (if not, why the fuck should I bother about DDLs anyway?) but I also want a number of other things: large storage space/no need to split files into multiple parts/and of course, the ability to gain a “free premium” account. I want to use BayFiles but they don’t satisfy the last category… Now I’m looking into DepositFiles — tell me the speeds you get from them.

Once again, e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any suggestions in general.

EDIT: MAKE SURE YOUR CLIENT HAS UDP SUPPORT! Download the latest version of uTorrent/Vuze!

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