Rerelease & Bugfixes

Everything for the past two days (1/25-1/26) have been re-released due to a discovered bug. Also, explorer.exe should stop crashing now after updating mkvmerge options. For a long-term fix: uninstall your shitty DIVX codec and install CCCP. Remember, e-mail me at [email protected] or post here if you experience corruption in your release!

Also, as you’ve seen, the site has been restructured a little. The old anime release page needs updating and release schedule is posted. Donation button will be added soon due to popular request. Oh, we removed Fileserve DDL support until we find a better alternative. Any suggestions?

1/30/12 EDIT: Thank you for your list of FileHosts, but since we upload a few hundred gigabytes of files a month, we want a filehost that is FAST for free users and WILL NOT cost us money as most filehosts have under 100gb of storage (because of the affiliate plan, fileserve’s premium accounts were free). Keep the recommendations coming.

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